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US GAAP/IRS conversion

We prepare the financial data that will be sent to the buyer and advisors, so that they are comprehensible to the buyer and fully traceable for auditors.


Flash diagnostic pre- operation

We carry out a complete review of your administrative and financial situation. We then identify potential risks, your expected transactions, to be able to address them beforehand.

Document preparation

We organize all the items that will be sent to the buyers or potential investors: executive summary, slides, business plan.


Fundraising and M&A operations

Mission-critical financial management and support 

Fundraising, capital reorganization, debt restructuring, exit, acquisition: Lisan Finance assits you in the preparation and execution of the operation.

Business plan

We will develop your business forecasts (business model, expenses, investments…) in a business plan according to best practices. Based on your main key drivers and the monthly integrated finance tools, this financial business plan will become your forecasting tool as well as a support for discussions with investors.

Transaction services

Due Diligence

We will conduct due diligence for either the buyer or investor. This includes a review of financials, legal documentation and accounting of the target organization.


We offer support in providing the documentation for negotiations. We explain legal / financial impacts of the sales and purchase agreement as well as defining the guarantee on assets and liabilities.

Cap Table and M&A support

We conduct simulations (cap table, allocation of proceeds…) necessary for understanding and comparing offers.

We help your team answer auditors’ and buyers questions swiftly.

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